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About Frontier Sports

Frontier Sports is the largest online retailer of cycling and endurance sport products in the middle east, covering the entire spectrum of products from bikes and clothing to accessories and nutrition. Frontier Sports has adopted the philosophy to only sell products that we believe in and which carry the highest “Performance-to-Price” ratio.. In the past decade there has been a huge move towards outdoor sports in the United Arad Emirates, with many purpose-built venues for cycling and outdoor activities being developed including the Al Qudra cycling path and the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre.

However, the growing cycling community immediately become vocal about paying “too much for too little” and felt that they were becoming victims of excessively high prices, resulting from the lack of quality alternatives in the market and the monopoly status enjoyed by the high street retailers. Frontier Sports was therefore created to fit the growing market of cycling and endurance sport in UAE. Frontier Sports founders saw the need to offer an alternative, where well-chosen quality cycling products could be sold without the inflated price tag. For the Middle East, much like globally, the interest in E-Commerce and online shopping has been increasing year on year and so the decision was made to create an online platform that allowed everyone access to world leading brands without having to travel excessively or pay a premium.

Frontier Sports brands now include BMC, Wilier, Orange, Endura, Stages, BBB, Buff, Ergon, GU, Five10, Oakley and Ergon plus many more. These brands were selected based on their status as category leading brands with the highest value for money. Frontier Sports operates predominantly on an e-commerce model and www.frontiersports-me.com which has full multi-card, multi-national and multi-currency payment processing capability. You can simply ‘click & buy’ and we deliver for free**. In addition to our e-commerce site, Frontier Sports mobile mechanical service department offers mechanical and technical support for our customers as well as convenient pick-up and delivery to our customers home, office or selected training venue**. Maintenance and servicing of your bike and equipment is as important as with your car, so we wanted to make sure we could provide professional after sales service to our existing customers. Our maintenance staff are professional and trained to handle any bike related issue, not matter how big or small. By having our own mechanical servicing department this also allows us to provide delivery to our customers by an trained expert of the product being delivered.

Frontier Sports also has a semi-professional cycling and triathlon racing team. The team has won many competitions around the United Arab Emirates and take part in all the prominent competitions. The team members allow us to test our products to the highest level and provide our customers with confidence that the products we are selling are good enough for the highest level of athlete. The team members are also friendly and approachable and more than happy to give their own advice on any questions you may have.

Our team

  • Robert Johnson Robert Johnson

    Senior salesman with 15 years of experience. He knows everything about the products he offers.

  • JESSICA PRISTON Jessica Priston

    Mega positive shop assistant always ready to help you make the right choice and charm you with a smile.

  • SAM KROMSTAIN Sam Kromstain

    Wholesale manager. Contact him if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

  • EDNA BARTON Edna Barton

    Quality control manager. Her mission is to check the products we ship and settle quality issues if any.

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