We are a company of cyclists, not just mountain bikers, and we live in the heart of some of the best road biking in the UK. With the popular rise in enduro and endurance based sports we’ve found we're covering more miles on tarmac than ever before. It is time for us the bring our own roadbike back to the Orange line-up.

Orange R9

With a feature list for our dream road bike we set : Super strong yet superlight frame construction, built for distance, designed to climb, descends like a missile. we reckon we’ve ticked off the lot.

We delivered our first carbon fibre road model with the Carb-O in 2012, which is now one of our cult models to those in the know.

Now finally with the advent of bolt-through axle standards, much improved disc braking, and larger volume tyres, we’ve reignited our Orange road bike project to develop a frame and spec package that truly meets the needs of the 21st century rider.


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