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Strip and Re-build

Dubai's most premium bicycle service experience. The most efficient turn around times, the most convenient pick up and drop off locations and the most reliable, and experienced mechanics in town.

Select your service type, pick-up date/location, and return date/location and let us do the rest. 

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♦ Detailed frame clean.

♦ Full strip down of all component parts.

♦ Detailed clean of all components parts.

♦ Re-assemble with premium grease and lubricants. 

♦ Brakes and gears re-cabled, tuned and aligned.

♦ Stem, handlebars, and seat tightened to correct torque.

♦ Cranks and chainrings checked and tightened.

♦ Handlebars re-taped (if required)

♦ Internal and external wheel alignment checked and re-aligned/spokes re-tensioned.

♦ Complete overhaul (clean and re-grease) of the headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings. *Free-wheel overhaul + 80 AED

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